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Social Network Policy

Social networking activities conducted online outside club involvement, such involvement in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Bebo and posting material, images or comments on sites such as You Tube can have a negative effect on an organisation’s reputation or image. In addition, Torquay Athletic Rugby Football Club has a firm commitment to safeguarding children in all aspects of its work. This policy has been written to set out the key principles and code of conduct that we expect of all members of the club with respect to their responsibilities in connection with the use of social networking sites.

Key Principles
•Safeguarding children is a key responsibility of all members and it is essential that everyone at TARFC considers this and acts responsibly if they are using social networking sites out of club involvement.
•All members at TARFC have a responsibility to ensure that they protect the reputation of the club, and to treat fellow members of the club with dignity and respect.
•It is important to protect TARFC from allegations and misinterpretations which can arise from the use of social networking sites.

•To set out the key principles and code of conduct expected of all members of TARFC with respect to social networking.
•To further safeguard and protect children and volunteers.

CODE of CONDUCT for members of TARFC – Social Networking

The following are not considered acceptable at TARFC:

•The use of the club’s name, logo, or any other published material without written prior permission from both the Senior and Junior Committee. This applies to any published material including the internet or written documentation.
•The posting of any communication, or images, which link the club to any form of illegal conduct or which may damage the reputation of the club. This includes comments that are threatening, abusive and insulting.
•The disclosure of confidential, club-sensitive information, or the disclosure of information/images that could compromise the security of the club.

In addition to the above every member of Torquay Athletic Rugby Football Club must ensure that they:

•comply with the RFU Anti – Bullying Policy and must not make any derogatory, defamatory, rude, threatening or inappropriate comments about the club, or anyone at or connected with the club or those clubs that it plays. This includes referees and other club members.
•use social networking sites responsibly ensuring that neither individuals or other clubs personal/professional reputation, or the club’s reputation is compromised by inappropriate postings.

Potential and Actual Breaches of the Code of Conduct

In instances where there has been a breach of the above Code of Conduct, the following will apply:

•Any breaches of this policy will be fully investigated. This investigation will initially sit with the respective coach/manager. Should it be found that this policy has been breached the respective coach/manager will immediately suspend the individual from all club activity until the next sitting of the relevant committee (senior on the day of the month, junior on the 2nd Wednesday of the month). The matter will then be considered by the relevant committee who will either deem the suspension sufficient punishment or, where need be, refer the matter to the club’s disciplinary committee. A breach of this policy will be considered to be a serious disciplinary offence which is also contrary to the club’s ethos and principles.
•The Club will take appropriate action in order to protect the club’s reputation and that of its members, volunteers, children and anyone else directly linked to the club.

Social Network Sites Statement:

All players, parents, managers, coaches or anyone associated with TARFC are reminded, with regard to comments made on social network sites that, posting comments directed towards match officials, other players, other teams, other coaches/managers, or anyone else connected to adult, youth or mini rugby whose comments are proven to be in breach of the club’s Code of Conduct will be dealt with within the club’s disciplinary procedures.


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